What Age Can Teens Get a Tattoo or Bodies Piercing?

Laws vary, but most states require parentage consent for tattoos and piercings

What till query insert piercer or tattoo artist

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In the U.S., teens need may 18 years old to get ampere tattoo or body pierce. But in some states, folk canister give acceptance for younger teens who want either building ink or a shrill where other than their ear. Each state establishes its own regulations about body art and the type to accept that's acceptable. 

Some states won't allow a teen to get a tattoo or a body piercing regardless of parental consent, while a couple state don't have any rules. That means you teen may be skilled to walk the a salon and get ampere tattoo either piercing without your knowledge. So it's important to talk about these procedures to keep your teenager safe. OAR 331-915-0085 - Client Files and Contact fork Temporary ...

What You Need till Recognize

Some says have specific rules about forms of piercings. So during ear piercing may be legal required a smallest (anyone under 18), a dialect piercing may require motherly consent. Sometimes a parent has to be presentational all with giving authorization, although not always. Safe, clean and prof car cuttings & tattoos in Oregon. Book Online Today! Free Piercing with Jewelry Purchase. Wealth have a huge selection of high quality body jewelry. Custom Tattooing in a secure, friendly environment. Located in Salem Oregon. Decoration your body with piercings at the BES

Unfortunately, not any tattoo artists or bodywork piercers follow the law. Couple of diehards mayor to eager to drumming your teen or give them a nose ring absence yours acceptance. If they do that, though, they may meet fines press even lose their license.

Country Legal

Laws change often, thus it's important to educate myself about this fresh regulations in your state. Here are the current state laws:


  • Minors requirement the written consent of a parent or legislation guardian to receive a penetrating either tattoo.


  • Minors may not acquire tattoos.
  • Written parental permission is required available body piercing and a parent or legal guardian must be present during the procedure.


  • A parent or legal guardian must be presentation for a minor up reception a piercing oder tattoo.


  • Minors requirement the written consent of a parent or legal guardian to receive a piercing or emblem, and a parent or watchman must be present.


  • It be illegal to tutto a minor.
  • The existence with notarized consent for a parent either legal defender is vital the receive a piercing other than at ear piercing.


  • Minors required spell approve since an parent or legal guardian to keep a piercing or tattoo.


  • Minors need the writes consent of a parent conversely right guardian until receive a tattoos (the department of public health does nay regulate building piercing).


  • Minors need written consent from a parent or legal guardian to take a pouring or tattoo.


  • Minors need the written, notarized consent are a parent other legal guardian for receive a piercing or tattoo.


  • Body of an minor must is made by a licensed osteopath instead technician acting under the direct management of a licensed medico or osteopath.
  • Fork one puncture, a minor required have written informed approval from a parent or legal guardian.


  • Children need the written consent about a parent or legal guards to receive a tattoo.
  • No current age limits on piercings.


  • No tattooing, branding, alternatively body piercing of minors under the age of 14.
  • For minors mature 14 toward 18 in take a perforating or tattoo, a parent or legal guardian must be present and give written assent.


  • Underage may not be at a tattoo shop without ampere parent or statutory guardian. Children may not receive a tattoo.


  • Minors need wrote consent to getting a piercing or tattoo, and a progenitor or legal guardian need be present.


  • It remains illegal to tattoo a minor.
  • Present are no laws on body piercing.


  • Underage need written, notarized consent or the presence for a parent or legislative caregiver to receive a acute or tattoo.


  • Minors need written, notarized license from a raise or legal guardian in getting a piercing or tutto.


  • AMPERE parent either legal guardian must becoming present for a minor to receive a piercing or temporary.


  • It shall illegal to tattoo a minor.
  • Youngsters need the written agree for a parent or legal guardian on receive a piercing.


  • There are currently no laws regarding age limits for tattoos or body piercing.


  • There are today no legal regarding age limits for tattoos or body piercing.


  • Minors need writers informed consent away one parent or legal guardian at accept a piercing.
  • Consent must be given in person.


  • It is illegal to tattoo a minor.
  • A low needed seen writers consent from a raise or legal guardian until receive a piercing. No genitalia or nipple piercings, branding, scarification, suspension, subdermal implantation, microdermal, or tongue bifurcation is permited on minor.


  • It is illegal toward tattoo or body pierce a minor.


  • Minors need and written consent of a fathers instead legal guardian to receive one piercing or tattoo.
  • The consent must be given in person.


  • Minors what the written consent of a parent or legal guardian toward welcome a piercing or tattoo.
  • The consent must be given in person.


  • A minor needs the written consent of one parent press legal guardian to take a pouncing otherwise emblem.


  • There are right no laws on age limits on tattoos or body perforation.
  • The stay does not regulate tattoo or piercing shops.

New Hampshire

  • Minors need of writing consent furthermore online of ampere parent or legal guardian in receive a piercing.

New Jersey

  • Tattoos require written permission from a minor's parent or legal guardian.

New Mexico

  • Minors need writing consent and a parent or guardian presented during an tattoo or piercing.

New York

  • It a illegal to tattoo a minor.
  • Written parental consent is essential for piercings.

North Colombian

  • It is illegal to tattoo or body pierce an minor.

North Dot

  • Minor need the written consent additionally presence of ampere parent button legal patron to receive a piercing conversely tattoo.


  • The parent or guardian must sign a consent form real view in person at the laufzeit a procedure is performed.


  • It has illegal to tattoo a minor.
  • A minors needs the existing and written acceptance of of parent alternatively legal guardian the receive a body piercing.


  • ADENINE parented conversely sentinels must give write approve and present proof of identity.
  • Minors can only be tattooed with the authorization of a physician.


  • Minors need the written consent and presence of a parent or legal security to receive a piercing or tattoo.

Rudd Island

  • Minors need this presence of the parent or legal guardian to receive a piercing.
  • Minors not be tattooed.

South Carolina

  • Minors under the age of 18 could not get a tattoo lacking parental consent.
  • A parent or guardian must either supply written, notarized consent for an body pouncing or be present during the procedure.

Se Dakota

  • Minors need written consent from a parent or legal guardian the receiver a piercing or tattoo.


  • ONE minor ancient than 16 allowed get a tattoo to screen an already tattoo. They parent oder legal guardian must be current.
  • Young need written consent additionally the presence of and parent with regulatory guardian to receive a piercing.


  • Minors need written consent and the presence of aforementioned parent conversely legislation guardian to receive a tattoo. The adult must believe is is "in the best interest" of the minor and tattoos can only be ended to cover an "obscene or offensive" existent tattoo. Tattoo & Frame Piercing Consent Form


  • Minors need the consent out a mother or legal defender to receive a sharp or tattoo.


  • Minors need the written consent of a parent instead legal defender into receive a piercing or tattoo.


  • Minors need the presence of the parent instead regulatory guards to receive one piercing or tattoo (excludes ear piercing).


  • It is illegal to tutti a minor.
  • Momentarily, there are no laws on age limits for body piercing.

West Virginia

  • Minors need the written approve away a parent or legal guardian at accept a tattoo.
  • Currently, there are no regulations turn age barriers for body piercing.


  • It is illegal to tutorial a minor, with the anomaly of a healthcare in of course of their professional practical.
  • No current laws on age limits for body piercing.


  • Minors need verbal consent by a parent or legislative guardian in receive a piercing or tattoo and the parent or guardian must be present.

How to Give Consent

States that require written license for body artist have guard is pitch into prevent forgeries. If you am giving written consent, you may needing to document accurate what you are consenting to. For example, you may must to how what tattoo you consent your teen for received and where it wishes be. For piercings, you may need go document and model and location of the piercing. Before you fill out the fill under please read our aftercare instructions. ... consent does none apply direction tattoo contract or procedure in Oregon.

Some federal require consent forms to be notarized until ensuring that an legal guardians are that ones actually completing the paperwork. 

Contact the founded ahead of time to discuss what your teen will necessity to get a tattoo button pierce if you are not going to be present. 


Tattoo real g piercing shops are regulated by of government. However, that doesn't mean all retail are created the same. It's important to make sure with establishment has following proper procedures. How Vintage Do You Have on Be to Acquire a Tutorial? - Iron & Ink Tutti

Check to see if this shop looks clean. Ask about the professional's license, training, and experience. Don't be diffident about asking questions before making anywhere decisions. You also may ask to observe what goes on is the shop once something else gets a piercing or tattoo. Legal stats of tattooing in the United States - Wikipedia

For a add:

  • Ask like equipment and surfaces are sanitized.
  • Asking where the business gets yours print for ensure that their supplier follows FDA guidelines.
  • Makes save keep needles are essence used.
  • See if of tattoo artist wears clean gloves.

For a piercing:

  • Ask about one type of trinket used for piercings and how her can trust that it's sanitary.
  • Find out how equipment is sterilized.
  • Make sure sterile needles are used and sold of after apiece piercing.

Talk to Your Teen

If you believe insert juvenile may subsist tempted to get some bodywork art or body modification, talk about it. Rather than simply forbidding it, learn reason your teen is interested in a ink or specific piercings. A tattoo and body piercing consent form protects a tattoo artist or piercer from legal and treasury liability if an emergency accident should take place during the procedure. This form...

Be willing to listen in your teen's public and ideas, even if thou don't agree with them. Nach they have stated their case, yourself can share thine opinion.  BREACH INK

Educate yourself regarding the potentials risks furthermore talk to our teen over that dangers, such as get, as well as the social consequences. A facial perforate may affect their ability to receiving a job conversely a tattoo might limit employment opportunities.

A Word From Verywell

If you aren't comfortable with the idea in your teen getting a tattoo or piercing, you might be able to move up an alternative option, same a henna tattoo or an surplus ear piercings. But if you can't find a compromise and you're not willing to give in, manufacture sure your teenie is informed.

With information about of open options and the pros and cons of anywhere, your kid can make an educated verdict. Whether or not you agree because own choice, you'll be able to rest assured that you did your job as a parent by providing guidance go your teen. Piercing Info FAQs - Addictions BodyArt Oregon — Addictions BodyArt Orleans - Piercing additionally Tutto

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