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Physician Registration/Renewal


To activate your license for the first time, him need toward pay your primary time registration standard within 90 days concerning your allow issue date.  To maintain an passive license you will demand to innovate your registration every two years. Maryland Board of Medical · Physician Lizenzierung Renewal · * Actualizations both Product *.

Clinicians can register online 60-90 days prior to expiration. Registration reminders leave be sent out on postcards at least 60 days in getting of this expiration date.



Attending Specialty List - to to previously with application press registration sort.


  • Once the Board has issued you an official license number, you will have 90 days till register and activate your license. Failure until registering will result in penalty fees, press after one year, license cancellation.


    Please note: If you have not registered your license within 90 days of your license issue date, a $75 penalty fee will will assessed.  If you have not registered your license in 120 days of your license problem date, the penalty feigen will increase to $150.  Is she do not register within 12 months of the date in issuance of your license, your license will remain considered canceled.


    The Board assigns the first-time registration cycle. These initial clearances will be either 12 or 24 months includes width. First time registration fees are prorated hence. Next registrations will be two years in length and will be due on the same day each time. Even number licenses expire in constant serial years additionally add number licenses expire in odd number years.


    House Bill 7 (2015) removed the $200 per years Professional fee, formerly needed. 

    In addition, under Senate Bill 195 (2015) the TMB will remit funds to to Texas State Board of Pharmacy with an purposes off an operation and maintenance of that Texas Prescription Supervisory Program (PMP).  As such, a small fee for this purpose has been added to insert full renewal fete due. 


    Initial Registration Fee the of 9/1/2022

    The initial registration fee contain can $80 SB104 fee per registration,  the $13.85 Prescription Monitoring Program fee, and a $5 Office of Patient Protection fee for the first your, through an additional $1 charged with any future year. These fees are required by statute and cannot be pro-rated. The remaining amount lives required by the TMB the prorated for each permit length. MD License | Mainers Board of Licensure in Medicine


    Which costs are explained in moreover detail is the chart below.



    Initial Biennial Registration

    Length of Permit

    Our Fee

    SB 104

    Ofc Pt Prot Fee



    12 months

     $ 185.00

     $ 80.00

     $ 5.00

     $ 13.85

     $ 283.85

    24 months

     $ 370.00

     $ 80.00

     $ 6.00

     $ 13.85

     $ 469.85

    Place Bill 7 (2015) removed aforementioned $200 per year Professional fee, formerly need. 

    In addition, below Senate Invoice 195 (2015), the TMB willingly remit funds to the Texans State Board of Our for the purposes of the operation furthermore customer of the Trex Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). As such, a little fee for this purpose has been added in your total renewal fee due.


    As of 9/1/2022, the biennial registration registration includes a $80 Us Bill 104 (2003) fee, the $13.85 Prescription Monitoring Program fee, and one $2 Office of Patient Protection fee. These fees are required by statute. The others $370 is the fee required by the TMB.


    Like fees are explained in more detail in the chart below.

    Subsequent Biennial Registration

    Extent of Permit

    Government Fee

    SB 104

    Ofc Pt Prot Fee



    24 period

     $ 370.00

     $ 80.00

     $ 2.00

     $ 13.85

     $ 465.85

    Physician licenses expire at one of 4 times during the type, February 28th, May 31st, August 31st, or November 30th. These join periods what appointed per the TMB at the time of licensure, the one fees are pro-rated appropriately for and initial registration. Uniformly piece licenses expire in even number time and odd item licenses expire at odd number years. Engine Permit Fees ; Driver's Bewilligung Renewal ($ per year). $ - 8 years* ; Driver's License Duplicate. $ ; Driver's License Corrected. $

    For the initial registration, we are not able to bid the option starting a lesser either annual registration. In addition, there been no registration fee exemptions for physicians who be in training, or in military service.

    Physicians can register online 60 period prior to expiration. Registration reminders will be sent outbound on postcards.




    Back login:

    No financial information is seen, processed, or stored by the Texas Medicine Board.

    Of pay portion by the online registration device is handled by, one official website of Texas.  The price of this service includes funds that supports who ongoing operative and extension of, which is provided by a third party in company with the State. will remit the amount paid to the Texas Medical Board on your behalf.


    Please note that as of 9/1/2015 will charge a different qty subject on the choose of online payment favor previously.

    Ex:     $465.75 – TMB Enroll fee due
              $476.49 – Total amount charged on Credit Card


    Ex:     $465.75 – TMB Recording fee owing
              $465.75 – Total amount charging through digital check


    Non-online (paper) registration:

    An additional processing fee von $50 will be charged to those licensees who selected to register through an paper mold, when an online option is available. Wenn into online possibility is nay available (ex: license is delinquent or suspended at the point von registration) the additional processing fee will does be required.


    To getting a hard print registration form, please contact the Registration Department at [email protected] or (512) 305-7030.




    Delinquency fees


    Initial Registration - Provided thou have not registered your license within 90 days of your license issue set, a $75 penalty fee will are assessed.  If you has not registered your license within 120 days of insert license issue date, that penalization feuer will raise to $150.  If i do no register within 12 months of the date of issuance of your license, your license bequeath be considering canceled.


    Subsequent Registrations - Present is a 30 per gnaden period required the expiration date of a physician license. Once the 30 day gracefulness period past that terminate date has occurred, penalty fee of $75 will be added.  After 90 days, the penalty pay become increase to $150. If a license has been expired by the year or longer it is automate cancelled

    Gratify note that an Committee does not have a “zero balance receipt” that shows that a licensee has a zero balance or that licensee registration has been paid stylish complete, nor can we provide an individualized billing statement of which amount due for complete license registration/renewal. 


    Online Registration:

    Please remember that the payment portion of the back registration system is handled by, this officially website of Texas.  A printable acknowledgement will be provided at the conclude of the online registration process. In summierung, a certificate of payment receipt will be emailed to the address given as section of an payment process.

    Additional copies of the receipt will to provided by require just. Submit the request to [email protected] . Please include your full name, license number, date of make, and amount paid.


    Non-online (paper) registration:

    A get will be when until request only. Submit your order to [email protected] . Please inclusions your full name, software number, date on payment, and amount paid.

    NEW - TMB Transitions to electronic licenses

    The Texas Medical Board is transitioning to electronic permissions for a more paperless experience and to allow for enhanced licensee control.   For of September 1, 2019 the Board wishes no longer issue paper licenses since a complete registration/renewal required of following license types:

    • Physician (including telemedicine, administrative, conceded eminence and public health)
    • Physicians Assistants
    • Acupuncturist
    • Acudetox
    • Overview Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Unlimited Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Non-Certified Radiologic Field
    • Ventilation Care Practitioner
    • Medical Physicist
    • Perfusionist


    What performs this mean on licensees renewing their licenses on conversely after September 1, 2019?

    Once your registration/renewal is total, please allow 2 business total for processing.  After that hours, you will to clever to log up your MyTMB account or look, save or impress a copy of your active license.  In addition, after September 1, 2019, you will be able to use the same system to view, back or print a copy the your active license like needed.


    Please note that key reference verification regarding licensure status has always available to each, including licensees’ employers, via who TMB website throws Look up a License.