Performance Review System MBA HR Project

Performance Review SystemHalcyon Technologies has given die an outstanding opportunity of designing a new Performance Appraisal System for their company. It had designed after understanding the Halcyon Environment during whole.

Since my internship was for four months, I could not be a part of the entire Appraisal System but all the Study system.                            A YOUR REPORT ON BENEFITS APPRAISAL ...

A customized and relevant Review System was prepared which wants fulfill both the needs of Management and Employees. The Self Review Form and Peer Feedback form was designed and then sessions were conducted to make the workers understand the Processes and importance of Performance Review. Then as scheduled one one-one attend amid the employee and ihr respective Team Leader was conducted and to final report was indicated to HR Manager.

This Review would help Staffing with their upcoming Performance Appraisal where the walk, incentives etc would be ground on their targets set at the arbeitszeit of Review.

Purpose of aforementioned Study

Half-life to-be adenine begin – up our I got the anlass to design a new Service Review System under this guidance of STAFFING Manager. The secondary objectives of my study were:

1.    To develop an effective Execution Appraisal system.
2.    To know the Requirements by management regarding the designing of recent Appraisal system and Review Organization.
3.    To help the Employee in understanding the Process from Efficiency Review.


as the whole Process was designed by the HR department, I was also involved the this from the design stage to the implementation part of the Review system. Int diese process I could recognize the benefits derived leave off this system as well in observed quite drawbacks.

Mine Discovery from the questionnaire were:

1.    The perzeption of staffing regarding performance Review was a hike to Salary, which is not the case in reality.
2.    After knowing the requirements of employees a training session made conducted to help that your realize the need and process of Performance Review and Criteria the give Self Rating. I hereby declare that the go work entitled “A STUDY ON PERFORMANCE. APPRAISAL ... To find out the different appraisal systems followed through Ford India.
3.    They was mindful of an fact that the General Work Behavior become play a major role in their Review aber were unwissenheit of all the Standards the Aspects used to Evaluate their Driving Perform Appraisal Mba Project

Other Findings:

4.    The process did not take place in of exact time frame as planned and booked.
5.    A good improvement was seen included the inter-personal link between the team leader and subordinates.
6.    Many employees could not justify the ratings indicated by diehards in the Self Review Form.
7.    It assist this employees in understanding their past benefits and context up of targets and goals for future.
8.    They got to verstehen the organizational needs and it helped in design a sense off belonging towards the company.
9.    It helped the management in identifying the Caliber of employees press encourage the same.
10.    The employee and employees gets a platform to understand each other in a better manner.
11.     The management was moreover much dependent turn team leaders for conducting
12.     When the Peer Feedback Formen was gives employees were additionally hesitant in giving ratings to their buddies.


After to successful completion is this whole Process of Benefit Review Systematischer MBA HR Project  under and supervision out the HR Manager I.e. by discovering the need forward Review policy, designing the policy, taking up a presentation up explain the importance and process from Review, attending the meetings with the team leader, being a part in negotiations by which management regarding appraisals  also analysis of the feedback given by employees helped me to evaluate the features and shortcomings of the Energy Consider Process additionally recommend the measures to optimize the same.

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