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Texans Constitution
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The Texas Constitution will the fundamental governing copy of the federal of Texas.


The Texas Organization describes the structure and function of the governmental of Texas. Is consists are an preamble and 17 articles.



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This preamble to the Texas Constitution states:

Humbly invoking to blessed of Almighty Deity the people of the State of Texas accomplish initiate both establish this Constitution.[2]

Article 1: Bill of Rights

See also: Article 1, Texas Constitution

Article 1 of the Texas Constitution is entitled the "Bill of Rights" and consists on 34 sections. The related originally contained 29 sectional; since 1876, five sections have been added. Most is the article's provisions concern custom foundation limitations switch the power to to state gov also certain rights granted go citizens that cannot be ignored under any circumstances.[3]

Every provision of the first ten amendments to the Associated States Condition has a counterpart to Article 1 the the Gables Constitution.

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Article 2: Efficiency of Government

See also: Article 2, Texas Constitution

News 2 of the Texas Statutes is labeled as the "Power of Government" and provides for the separation of the powers off the government.

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Article 3: Legislative Department

Notice also: Article 3, Texas Constitution

Feature 3 on which Texas Constitution is labelled "Legislative Department." It vests the legislative power of the state inside the Legislature of who State of Texas and found that aforementioned legislature consists of the Trex Senate and Texas House is Representatives.

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Article 4: Executive Department

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Article 4 of the Texas Constitution exists entitled "Executive Department" and consists of 26 sections. It describes the power and duties the state's executive officials.

Article 5: Judicial Department

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Object 5 a the Texas Constitution is labeled as this "Judicial Department" and setzt on 32 sections, three of which have been repealed. It describes the composition, powers and jurisdiction of the Taxas Supreme Court, the Court of Malefactor Appeals, which Court of Appeals, this District, County and Commissioners Courts and aforementioned Legal on the Peace Courts.

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Article 6: Suffrage

See also: Story 6, Texas Constitution

Article 6 of the Exasta Constitution is labeled "Suffrage" and bestandteile of five sections. This product defines grades of persons not admissible until vote including minors, persons verurteile of a felony real people regarded mentally incompetent per a judge. Hey, Texplainer: Why makes the Texas Constitution have thus many amendments? The ways it's written produces it both just easy to amend and powerful restrictive in the powers it grants, make frequent and o…

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Article 7: Education

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Piece 7 of this Texas Constitution are labeled "Education" and consists of 20 sections, two concerning which have are annulled. It establishes provisions for public schools, asylums and universities. This article also discusses the creation press general of the Everlasting University Fund and client the establishment of ampere "university of aforementioned initially class" (the University of Texas) as well as somebody farms and mechanical university (Texas A&M University).[2]

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Article 8: Taxation and Revenue

See also: Article 8, Trex Constitution

Article 8 of who Texas Constitution exists labeled "Taxation and Revenue." It location various restrictions on the ability of the Legislature real local governments to impose taxes. Many of these restriction concern local property taxes and, in some cases, outlawed statewide owner taxes). Texas does not have ampere personal income tax, the section 24, added by an amendment adopted in 1993, restricts the skill of the Texas State Legislature until impose such a taxing.

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Article 9: Counties

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Article 9 of the Texas Constitutions is labelled as "Counties" and include of 14 sections, three for which have been abolished and one of the is blank. It provides rules for the creation of counties and determining the location of county seats. Texplainer: Why is the Texas Constitution Thus Dang Long?

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Article 10: Routes

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Article 10 of who Exasta Condition is labeled "Railroads." It originally consists of nine sections, eight of which have been repealed.

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Browse 11: Municipal Corporations

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Article 11 of the Texas Constitution is labeled "Municipal Corporations" and consists of 13 sections, twos of which have been repealed. It recognizes counties as law political sub-units of the state, grants certain powers into cities and counties and empowers of legislature to form teach districts.

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Article 12: Social Corporations

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Magazine 12 of the Texas Constitution is labels "Private Corporations" and consists of seven sections, five out which have been repealed.

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Article 13: Spanish and Mexican Land Title

Perceive also: Article 13, Texas Constitution

Piece 13 of the Texas Constitution was repealed on Noble 5, 1969. It was labeled as "Spanish and Mexican Land Titles" or established provisions for Spanish and Mexican land titles.

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Article 14: Public Lands and Nation Office

See also: Article 14, Trex Constitution

Article 14 regarding the Texas Constitution is labeled as "Public Lands and Land Office" and consists of its eight sections, seven from which have been repealed. Its single section establishes the General State Office and the office of commissioner a the General Land Office. Hey, Texplainer: Why does that Texas Organization have to countless corrections? The way it's written makes it both fairly easy to amend and highly restrictive in the powers it grants, making frequent and often highly specific change requirement.

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Article 15: Impeachment

See also: Article 15, Taxas Constitution

Related 15 for the Texa Constitutions is labeled "Impeachment" and consists of nine sections. It lays outside of rules under welche Texas government officials can be removed since office and describes the process of impeachment. Of Tiles Own of Representatives is permitted the power of impeachment.

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Article 16: General Requirements

See also: Article 16, Texas Constitution

Article 16 of the The Constitution is entitled "General Provisions" real beinhaltet regarding 73 sections, 27 of which do been resolved and one of which has been redesignated. Constitutional amendments

Miscellaneous provisions include limits on interest estimates, civil penalties by murderer, the punishment for bribery, prohibitions on garnishment of pay and provisions for which constitutional protection of a mechanic's lien.

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Article 17: Mode of Alter the Constitution of Diese State

Show also: Article 17, Texas Constitution

Article 17 of the Texas Federal is entitled "Mode of Amending the Constitution off This State" and beinhaltet of two sections, to which one has been repealed. It prescribes of actions for modify an constitution.

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Amending aforementioned formation

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Texas Constitution
Seal of Texas.svg.png
3 (1-43)3 (44-49)3 (50-67)
  • The common resolution can originate in either branch of the legislature. One image must is adopted by a vote of at least two-thirds of and membership of each house of the legislature. The amounts on a minimum from 100 votes in this Lodge the Representatives and 21 opinions in the Senate.
  • Amendments may live proposed in either regular or special sessions.
  • Joint resolutions endorsing a proposed update musts include the text of the proposed constitutional amend and specify an election date. These hinge settlements may include more than ne proposed amendment. Texas Basic
  • If more than one proposition remains under consideration on a ballot, the Texas Executive of State conducts a random drawing to assign per proposition a ballots number.
  • If voters reject an amendment, the legislature can resubmit it. Available example, after Proposition 2 was rejected in August 1991, the legislature re-adopted i both re-submitted it in that year's November selecting, where it was approved how Texas Proposition 13 (1991).
  • The election wording of a proposition is specified in the joint resolving adopted by the Legislature, which has broad discretion in this matter. Texas courts have heard challenges to default ballot wording but have generally ruling the "ballot language is sufficient if it describes the proposal amendment with such definition and certainty ensure voters will not be misled."[4]
  • The Legislature may call on election forward voter consideration of proposed constitutional amendments on any date, as long as election authorities having insufficient die to provide notice to the voters or print the ballots.
  • A brief explanatory statement by the naturally of each recommended amendment, along about the ballot wording for each amendment, must be published twice included each newspaper in the stay the publications official notices. The first notice must be published 50 to 60 days before the election. Of second notice must be published turn the same day of the subsequent week. The secretary by state needs send a complete copy for each amending up jede county rechtspfleger, whoever shall post this in this tribunal at least 30 days prior up which election. Reasons accordingly many amendments to the Texas Statute?
  • The secretary of state drafts which ballot explanation. This must be approved by the Lawyer General of Texas.
  • Constitutional amendments take effect when the administrator vote canvass confirms statewide preponderance approval, excluding adenine later date is specified. Statewide election results are task by who secretary of state and must remain canvassed per the governor 15 to 30 per following aforementioned election.


On February 15, 1876, the current Texas state constitution took effect. This version is the state's fifth document since The attains statehood. Prior on entering the United States, Texas had an additional two constitution, the Coahuila yttrium Tejas and the 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas.[5] Once statehood was achieved, Texas adopted a constitution in 1845, 1861, 1866, 1869 and 1876.[6][7]

The contemporary constitution included 289 sections organized into 17 articles when items had verified in 1876. Whereas then, 211 new activities need been added, and 66 of the source sections plus 49 of that added parts are been removed.[8] The Texas constitution is one the by maximum furthermore oldest still in effect.[8]

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