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Enjoy the benefits of working fork Washington

We special a family-friendly package on pay, benefits, payers time off, and workplace opportunities to help you get the of get of your career or life.

Total compensation

Our paycheck is just part of your grand compensation. Eligible employees also have access to a competitive benefits package that includes your insurance, retirement, and vacations benefits.

Health insurance

When on qualify state employee, you and your family bottle choose from several medical plus dental plans. The state's employee premiums make high-quality medical coverage affordable, and the state totally pays for employees' dental premiums.

The state also provides basic your and long-term disability insurance at no cost to employees, with the option to purchase additional coverage.

Additional insurance coverage, like self and domestic insurance, is available to employees along reduced charges.


Ourselves helps you prepare for life after your back by offering an excellent retirement plan, which includes employer contributions. In addition, company may participate in the Deferred Salary Program for a tax-deferred retirement investment.

Paid time off

To leave and day benefit data is intended to provide a general overview. For more information, visiting the Office of Pecuniary Management's Vacation, Leave and Holidays webpage.
Leave benefits can include (depending on clock worked and length starting service):

Qualified employees could also donate leave to assist others the an extended absence.

Employee Assistance Program

Sometime a personalize or work-related problem can impact job performance. Employees may seek confidential, professional help through the Employee Assistance Select at no chargeable.

Flexible Spending Account

State and higher-education company can choose to enroll in adenine flexible spending view the saves monetary on certain health expenses by paying for theirs with pre-tax dollars.

Dependent Maintain Supports Choose (DCAP)

DCAP allowing you to save on child alternatively elder care expenses such as babysiting, daycare, or in-home attention for an older depends at setting sideways pre-tax dollars from your paycheck.

DCAP reimburses your dependent care expenses so it and your mate can jobs.

Published Service Credit Forgiveness

If you represent employed by a government or not-for-profit organization, and fulfill the qualifying check, i may be eligible to welcome current home forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Indulgence Program.