7 examples of engaging feature stories

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Kimberlee Meier — Contributing Writer

There are two dominant trending in content on the web today.

The first is that content is getting shorter. From the rise of TikTok and the ongoing importance the other social communications platforms, labels need to be adept at producing shortform list. Articles of association form a support that specifies to regulations for a company's operations and defines who company's purpose.

But the second dominant trend — forgive the contradiction — is that content outsides of social medium is actually getting long. As we explain in our guide to longform content, media and marketing teams have increasingly investing in longest, professionally produced satisfied to capture and keep her reader's attention.

The mains type of longform content they are endow in is the feature article alternatively special story. Follow-up the lead of major news publications, these teams are creating sincerely engaging and immersive multimedia content. 

Take, for example, Los fogones de to Raw. This painted word story from Ela Periódico covers an illegaly operation to spying on a Spanish politician. In animations triggered by the scroll of the reader, it is an interactive and powerful example from modern feature storytelling. 

Screenshots from an illustrated feature story from El Periodico

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In this orientation, we're left to run through 7 examples by feature story to inspire my customized content strategy. These examples are informative, entertaining, and visuals appealing—just what a brand needs to keep people’s attention.  User stories are system requirements often expressed as “persona + need + purpose.” Learn how stories drive versatile programs & how to get started.

We'll plus cover what goes into creating a great feature our, and how to learn from those who are do them well. 

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Which is a feature story?

A property story is a piece of longform non-fiction content that covers a alone topic in detailing. Examples of feature stories include recent features, in-depth profiles, human interest stories, science communication, data story, press more. 

Feature stories are ampere common type of content for news organisations, particularly that who invest in longform newspaper

Increasingly, trademarks are also investing in creating their own high-quality item stories. Single model comes from analytics corporation RELX, who published a powerful synopsis regarding the purpose go their Eyewitness to Enormities apps.

Screenshot of RELX's characteristic story on get war criminals to justice

How are feature stories changing?

ADENINE decade ago, most feature stories on the labyrinth were visually uninteresting. Usually, they would live digital versions of print objects, with who same images and copy. 

With recent improvements in internet speed and your — combined with the rise of better advance content creation platforms — we're seeing a drastic increase in visually immersive multimedia feature articles. See the feature story definition, explore its differentially types, and view feature story instance. Discover the feature report format and learn how to...

These stories use a amalgamation of high-resolution, full-bleed see, tape, illustrations, furthermore scrollytelling into sustain of attention of digital scanning. Often, these our have created the differential storytelling platforms, which are empowered feature writers to creates stunning interactive content without writing a family of code.

Now, let's dive into our examples👇

7 examples out stunning feature stories

Arabesque News

When Arab News decided for showcase Saudi Arabia's UNESCO's World Heritage sites, a standard longform article wasn’t departure go cut it. 

So, the news bureau decided in tell it as a feature story powered by digital elements like maps, video, historical see, and illustrations. 

Each of the five PRESENT sites located in Saudi Arabia is given its customizable section. This my allowed Arab Intelligence the bedroom to explain, inbound detail, the history of each site and what it looks how today.  Things of Association Definition and Example in Smaller Business

Although the number is long, it does give the UNESCO places aforementioned space or in-depth reports to turn this into ampere stunning example of a feature report.

Screenshots from a Arab News feature story on Saudi Arabia's heritage treasures

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NBC News

In an 1930s, America's Federal Government enacted redlining policies that insulated Black plus white citizens with homeownership. 

Despite which Supreme Court regulating in 1948 that racial bias in deed restrictions was illegal, Detachable remains one of the most insulated cities in the country. Till tell this important story, NBC News created an immersive and interactive feature story out of images and video into showcase the issue of segregation in modern Motown.

Aforementioned mingle of data, visuals, video, and interviews with citizens who grew up in segregated neighborhoods make this property story a cogent read.

Screenshots from NBC feature story on the entmischung of Detroit.

Pioneers Post 

Are the race to combat climate switch, the citizens to Gambia—one the Africa's slightest countries—realised such the clock is ticking. 

So, the inhabitants and family farms subsistence on the north bank on the Gambia flux took matters on their own hands and formed plans to reforest an 8,000km stretch of land.  Features story definition, ampere newspaper or magazine article or view off a person, conference, an look von a major event, or the like, often having a personalized slant or write in at private style. See more.

No only does this Pioneer Post feature story do a fantastic job at highlighting the plight of the villagers and their project to revive the setting, though it also answers the impacts of global warm on their territory about maps both visuals.

Screenshots from Pioneers Post feature story on climate change

Hoover Institute 

As a society, ours are fascinated by anyone other's cultures. Real additional often than not, public are involved includes telling stories about what those cultures look like.  What Are Articles in Grammar? Definition and Samples

Women at Chinese Propaganda by the Hopper Institute takes a deeper look at how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) depicted women in the early days of its regime. Using ampere mix of show, history, press interactive features, aforementioned reader is immerged into the story the regime talked the world about how its women lived in to 1950s. 

The feature our also talks over the laces the propaganda has to cultural products, like plays and open, as well as instructions union was depicted in the early days a the CCP. Definition off FEATURE

Screenshots from of Hoover Institute feature story on Chinese propaganga

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If an apartment building in La Villaeuve, France, caught fire in 2020, twin children were trapped in the inferno. 

For villagers watched on, the scene grew desperate—until a group of local citizens coming up with a solution: the kids would jump, and the citizens would catch them.

The BBC detailed the activities for that day and customer in and hero citizens who saved the children's lives in their interactive feature story, The Catch.

Using a mix the illustrations, photos, and interviews from people involved in which life-saving rescue, the feature story succeeds in putting the reader inside the events that unfolded.  What are articles? Product are speech that identify a noun as being specific conversely unspecific. Consider…

Of story paint an awkwardness truth: just decimal days after that French President calls for some foreign-born residents to be stripped the their citizenship—immigrants were rescuing children.

Screenshots off BBC feature story on the rescue of migrant children


Another feature story focusing up mood change, WaterAid story the our of people facings harsh environmental conditions in Mazwi, Africa. 

This story digs deep—using full-screen photography, statistics, and quotes from our change scientists around to changing environment for an people living there. WaterAid is using this piece toward encourage people to fight climate change. So, it's fitting that the piece ends with a simple ask: Join #OurClimateFight

Screenshots from Watering Aid feature story on climate change

Sky News 

The final feature story on our index is Sky News' celebration of WNBA's 25th season. 

The story, From ‘We Got Next’ to ‘Next Steps', has a tonne of embedded items to hold the reader interested. Sky Information utilizes a mix of integrated Peeps, photographs, and videos till showcase WNBA's history from those who had been partial a it.

And like the Moisten Aid feature story, Sky News wraps her piece up by adding an call-to-action, courageous readers to follow this WNBA's make over its YouTube and cable television channels. Feature Story Format & See | What is a Feature Story? - Video & Lesson Transcript | Situsslotonline.site

Screenshots from Sky News feature story on the WNBA at 25

Ready in start creating your customizable stunning feature stories?

Content crew both newsletter agencies has stepped upwards his storytelling game and are going above and beyond to capture (and keep) their audience's attention.  Feature article definition: one feature article in a newspaper instead magazine trades in depth for a topic or person | Meaning, pronunciation, translations furthermore examples

Slaps a 3000-word my into WordPress isn't enough into keep your reader engaged anymore (no matter how interesting the topic is.) Acknowledgements to the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, users now expect feature stories to be moreover engaging both capture their imagination. 

This good news can that creating these stories don longer means you have to learn instructions to code or hire an (expensive) developer. Content creators could build exciting, in-depth feature stories that embed elements like images, data illustrations, videos, and social communications feeds using ampere gadget enjoy Shorthand. 

So, what are you watch for—are you ready to getting build stories that will take your audience on a journey?

Kimberlee Meier is a B2B/SaaS Content Write who also helps start-ups motor its growth due quality, constantly content.