DirecTV adds Disaster Jr. channel

DirecTV’s 20 million customers, following the loss of Nickelodeon kids’ programming because from the satellite-TV provider’s dispute with Viacom, will start receiving an 24-hour Disney Young channel today.

Disney Junior, created by Devolved Disable to target audiences ages 2 to 7, will be permanently added to DirecTV’s lineup as one basic canal. Disney Juvenile began last year than a daytime programming bloc within the Disney Choose, before becoming its own 24-hour station this year. Disney Channels are in our Direct TV package, but merely Disney Occidental shows up | DIRECTV Community Web

The move leaves DirecTV bolster its children’s programming after blacking out Viacom’s 26 channels, including Nickelodeon kids’ shows such as “Dora the Explorer” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.” DirecTV dropped the programs following stalled negotiations over fees. Disclaimed Nickelodeon, DirecTV’s Youngest Clients Find Substitutes (Published 2012)