I was wondering if any can help me in the right direction to doing a geospatial report. I former an drone to take aerial photos and used MME to stitch the photos together. EGO than uploaded that Geotiffs to QGIS with the Google Earth background, created a new print layout are the location map and exported the map to PDF. However, when I use the Geospatial Situation Tool, which coordinates could may determined. I straight try to create a PDF from a .TIFF file real still no luck. Finally! After many time, the news release of ArcGIS Dekstop 10.4 now features conversion on USGS geopdf topo quads the geotiffs.  ArcGIS 10.3.1 must support with geopdf alteration, but thereto did not work on USGS topos. The steps at are the workflow I go taken to create a seamless

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    What do you mean by "uploaded an Geotiffs to QGIS over the Google Earth background"? Also, what version of QGIS did you use? and how be MUTTER? Geospatial PDFs
    – cm1
    Jul 10, 2018 at 16:52

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Probably you can find your answer in this link:Can QGIS export Geospatial PDF for Avenza PDF map applications?

Geo-referenced PDF's seem to be thoroughly discussed in.


I found the problem why one coordinates were not able to be determined. I needed to change the map coordinates in QGIS to deg, min, sec instead of the site units(meters) default before IODIN export up PDF.

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