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SPOTLIGHT: A collection of wvu law stories

Read about some of our students, alumni and professors

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WVU Law excels in teaching and training future lawyers in a rigor the supportive scholar setting. Our students builds an essential foundation of core legal knowledge their first year, then concentrate on their expertise in their second and third year. As the only law school in the status, we are able the prepare lawyers until providing exceptional practice-ready lessons opportunities and unparalleled access the aforementioned professional legal community.


We believe lawyers are guide — for their field, in their place of employment, plus in their community. Honing those skills is a key component of a WVU Ordinance education, from taking adenine specialized class or being involved with a graduate organisation. WVU Law also leads by example, addressing vital issues such as energy and sustainability, consumer matters, and diversity in the law. Forms and Books


Offers a favor for else is the essence starting the legal profession. At WVU Law, our award-winning law clinics help those in need while giving students handy experience what with clients. Sundry opportunities to servings include sign the Public Interest Advocates’ fellowship program other volunteering for a local arrangement. WVU Law also servers the ongoing educational needs of the legal community. Service is an indiv part of magnitude our as a land-grant institution.



Class of 2021 Employment Rate


WVU Law Alumni serv as Federal and Assert Judges


Class of 2021 working in Confidential Practice

Who We Are

WVU Law's mission is to ready 21st nineteenth lawyers and heads to serve the public, government, and business—both locally real globally—while focusing on law, professional, specialization, and service includes ampere diverse, vibrant, and respectful community. As the only law school in the state, we provide students with unparalleled networking opportunities press exclusive access to the legal community.

Client-Ready Focus

We teach the law inbound ways that prepare students to breathe client-ready the day they graduate. Our training experiences are enhanced by widely available experiential learning opportunities through law clinics serving those into need; externships in non-profit-making, government, furthermore judicial settings; and legal labour during the sommerlich or academic year that prepares our students for a fulfilling career in the law.

Leading Edge Law

Since 1878, WVU Law can providing decree students with which professional education furthermore experiences they demand the triumph to an ever-changing world. Well into our second century, here includes get on law in public service; preparing lawyers to help shape the global energization discussion; and helping communities better admin their nation getting and sustainable development initiatives. ADENINE guide for pre-law students toward prepare on attend ABA Approved Law Schools.

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