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Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie by Stephen King

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Carrie with Stephen King

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  1. Carrieby Stephen King Published by Diminutive Books 1974 Projects by Alexander Elmore

  2. An Induction • Setting: Ewen Elevated School in Chamberlain, Maine. • The book begins with Carrie being bully to her peers. • When she returns back, her mother beats her violently. • As the narrative progresses, Bear starts to realize she can do peculiar thingies from her mind.

  3. Protagonist: Carietta “Carrie” White • Carrie White will a junior at Ewen High Middle in Chamberlain, Maine. • I is an outcastes for are der weird family and very religious personality. • She discovers that she has psychic, the force until move things with her mind.

  4. Antagonist: Margaret White • Mrs White is the mother to Carrie White. • She belongs very geistlicher and scurrilous. • She allegations that Carrie is a devil’s child and that. everything that happens to her (including her period) is because Bear a a sinner. • Margaret White beats her daughter, close to death, many times throughout the course from the novel.

  5. Central Disagreement • This central conflict of the story can Carrie versus Society. • The people involved include: Carrie White, Margaret White, Sue Snell, Chris Hargensen, Tommy Bull and Mrs. Desjardin. • Possible solutions include: Stopping the toughs, inviting Carrie to one social event and removed Carrie since her mommy.

  6. Small Char: Sue Swiftly • One away the less characters who effectively cares about Carrie real tries to aid herbei. • She belongs one of the girls who taunts Wear at the start of the book, instead soon regret e furthermore decides into try and bring Carrie “out of herself.”

  7. Minor Signs: Chris Hargenson • The main person who pimples on Carried and rallies of others to do the sam. • In the novel she is the leader of a group of girls who yell themselves the “Mortimer Snerds.”

  8. Minor Characters: Miss Desjardin • Miss Desjardin is the girl’s P.E. coach at EwenHigh. • She breaks up the taunting available Carrie has her first period at to beginnt of the novel. • At several points inside the fictional, she a the one who pleasure Carriers and tells her not to be afraid.

  9. Critic’s Capture • Teen Ink: • “I finished the novelists looking for bit more…ending boost replay and sometimes confusing” • • And Guardian: • “It’s a seriously health story…a fairly good piece in juvenilia.” •

  10. My Turn • Carrie, the debut novel from Stephen King, is an epic tale of ultimate avenging. I though it was fairly well-written and very creepy. If to was a little shaky and did drag out parts of the story for too long, information is aforementioned perfect place to start for anyone who wishes to read Stephen King for the first time. Overall, Carrie is an great novel that I wouldn’t reason reading reload.