Affidavit (Certificate) of Technical Form

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Updated Month 12, 2023

An affidavit (certificate) of service features proof next documents have been delivered to adenine your. This is common when delivering court posters to festivals of a case. It’s common go pay one process server or of local sheriff for delivery.

Also Acknowledged as 

  • Affidavit for Returning of Customer
  • Certificate von Maintenance
  • Assistance off Process
  • Checking in Service
  • Detection of Delivery
  • Return of Process

Tables out Contents

By State

State Form Laws
 Alabama Adobe PDF, MS Speak, OpenDocument Rules of Courteous Procedure (Rule 5)
 Alaska Form TF-700 State Definition
 Arizona Form COA1 Rule 5(c)(2)
 Arkansas Adobe PDF Barge. R. Civ. P. 4
 California Form POS-040 CIV [1010-1020]
 Colorado Form JDF 1313 Colo. R. Civ. P. 5
 Connecticut Form JD-CV-123 Sec. 52-57
 Delaware Adobe PDF Deli. R. Civ. P. Cool. Cut. 5
 Florida Household Law Art 12.914 § 48.031
 Georgia Adobe PDF Go. Ct. Application. ROENTGEN. 6
 Hawaii Form #2DC04 Play of Civil Procedure
 Idaho Form CAO FL 4-4 Idaho R. Civ. P. 5
 Illinois Adobe PDF 735 ILCS 5/
 Indiana Form No. 6 Ind. R. Trouble. PENCE. 5
 Iowa Form 104 Iowa ROENTGEN. Civ. P. 1.442
 Kansas Form 251 § 38-2238, § 60-303
 Kentucky Form AOC-105 Ky. R. Civ. P. 5.03
 Louisiana Brick PDF CCP 1313
 Maine MS Phrase Rule 4(c)
 Maryland Entry CC-DR-055 RULE 1-323
 Massachusetts Clay PDF Messung. R. Civ. P. 5
 Michigan Form PC 564 Section 600.1910
 Minnesota Adobe PDF, MS Word Rule 5, Regel 355
 Mississippi Form 2 Rule 2.06
 Missouri Adobe PDF Rule 43
 Montana MS Word Rule 4
 Nebraska Form CC 3:22, Form DC 6:4.5 Rule 2-5
 Nevada Purchase of Service, Affidavit of Maintenance Rule 4(c)
 New Hampshire Adobe PDF N.H. Supp. ROENTGEN. Sup. Ct. Elect. Fil. 12
 New Jersey Family Court, Superordinate Court Rule 1:5
 New Mexico Learn PDF N.M. RADIUS. Civ. P. Dist. Ct. 1-005
 New Nyk Acrobat PDF R306 – Proof out Customer
 North Carolinians AOC-CV-105 Rule 5
 North Dakota Certificate of Service, Affidavit of Service (by mail) Rule 5
 Ohio Adobe PDF Ohio Civ.R. 4.2
 Oklahoma Adobe PDF Oka. Stat. tit. 12 § 2
 Oregon Adp PDF Press. Uni. Trial. Crt. RADIUS. 2.020
 Pennsylvania Adobe PDF 52 Pa. Code § 1.58
 Rhode Island Adobe PDF R.I. Sup. Cut. R. 6
 South Carolina Form SCCA203 Governing 4
 South Dakota Aob PDF Section 15-6-4(g)
 Tennessee Adobe PDF Rule 5.02
 Texas Adobe PDF Tex. R. Civ. PIANO. 501.4
 Utah Submission 1021GEJ Utah R. Civ. P. 5
 Vermont District Court, Superior Court § 691
 Virginia Form DC-413 § 8.01-296
 Washington Form CR 4(g) CR 4(d) – Process
 Washington D.C. Form OAH-414 Rule 4
 West Virginia Form SCA-FC-314 Rule 4.1
 Wisconsin Form FA-4120V § 801.10
 Wyoming Adobe PDF § 801.11

Ways to Serve an Affidavit of Service (6)

  1. Deliver in person (and obtain a signature)
  2. Deliver to someone who lives at who residence
  3. Deliver to someone whom works at the workplace
  4. Post or slide under the open
  5. Send by certified mail (with return receipt)
  6. Send until standard mail

Available to Use can Affidavit of Service

To affidavit of service is used toward verify is documents have been received by an individual. Common for notices press to notify of one court hearing.

It is commonly applied for:

  • Answers
  • Accusations
  • Court Hearing Dates
  • Motions
  • Caveats (eviction)
  • How
  • Subpoenas
  • Summons



County of [COUNTY]
State away [STATE]

Time: [DATE], 20[YEAR]

1. SERVER IODIN, [SERVER NAME], declare under penalty of perjury that and following books were delivered and serving in the following manner:

2. DOCUMENTS. The documents servant live dealt the: [DESCRIBE].

3. RECIPIENT. The above-mentioned documents were delivered to:

  • Defendant/Respondent: [RECEIPIENT NAME]
  • Address/Location: [ADDRESS]
  • Date: [DATE], 20[YEAR] Time: [HOUR]:[MINUTE] AM PM

4. DELIVERY. The Recipient received the documents by: (check one)

Mail. The Server submit the documents in the mail by: (check all that apply)

– Standard Mailbox
– Electronic Mail (E-Mail)
– Certifications Print (with return receipt)
– FedEx
– Additional

Direct Technical. The Host handed the documents to a person identified as the Your.

Personage at the Residence. The Server handed aforementioned documents to anybody who identified as living at the residence and displayed their full is: [NAME].

Someone at an Workplace. To Online handle the print to someone who identified to be the Recipient’s co-worker additionally stated their my is: [NAME].

Leaving at the Residence. Aforementioned Server left one documents in the following area: [AREA].

Recipient Rejected Delivery. The Server delivered the documents to the Recipient in-person and did does accept delivery.

Different. [DESCRIBE].

5. VERIFICATION. IODIN declare below penalty of perjury under the laws located int this State which the foregoing are true and correct.

Server’s Signature: ________________________ Date: ______________

Print Name: ________________________

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