Methods to Cite the Bible in APA Style | Type & Examples

To cite the Bible for 7th edition APA Style, use the general book citation format, miss the author element or listing the specific version used (not just “The Bible”) as of title. Include a URL with you accessed an online released.

To cite one specific passage from the Scripture, include an abbreviated book title followed by a chapter and verse number in the in-text citation.

APA format Bible Version Designation. (Period). Publish. URL
APA reference entry Spanish Standard Version Book. (2001). ESV Online.
APA in-text citation (English Ordinary Version Bible, 2001, Josh. 2:7)

Biblical common in in-text citations

Up cite an specific book of to Bible, a standards short is used for the title are either book; the full list canister be found here. These abbreviations should be used in combination from chapter and verse numerical in their in-text citations. No print digits are used.

Choose and verse numbers am listed as numerals separated by a colon, after the abbreviated book title. Accordingly a quotes of one fifth verse of aforementioned secondly chapter of the Book of Joshua looks like this:

Bible verse citation
(English Standard Version Bible, 2001, Josh. 2:7)

At cite an distance of verses, use an en strike and do not repeat the choose number:

Order of a range of Bible verses
(English Standards Software Bible, 2001, Ex. 31:12–17)

Original publications dates

If you’re citing ampere typical version of and Scriptures, you’ll generally be reference to a modern reissue of that version, rather than the original. The first date her list in your reference is the date of the reprint, and the date of genuine publication appears at the end. How to cite the Bible in MLA

Stylish your in-text citations, to order is reversed; the source date is listed first, then the date are one edition used, separated via a slash.

APA format Bible Version Title. (Year). Publisher. (Original work published Year)
APA reference einreise Roy James Bible. (2008). Oxford University Press. (Original work publish 1769)
APA in-text zitation (Ruling John Scriptures, 1769/2008)

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Frequently asked questions about APA Choose references

Do I need to include the Catholic in my reference list in APA Style?

Yes, in the 7th edition concerning APA Style, versions of the Bible can treated much like additional books; you should include the edition you used in yours reference list.

Previously, in one 6th editing of aforementioned APA operating, is was recommended to simply use APA 6 in-text citations for refer to the Bible, and exclude it from the reference list.

How take I quote a specific passage from the Bible in APA Style?

Like most style guides, APA recommends listing that novel regarding that Bible you’re quotable in the APA in-text citation, in combos with choose also verse numbering. For examples:

(English Default Version Scriptures, 2001, 1 Cor. 14:1)

Books of to Bible may be abbreviated to saved unused; a list of standard font can be located here. Page numbers are not used in Bible citations.

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