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Argus Foss & Vision, Inc. enjoys a special show as an insurance agency that was founded by one dentist and managed the services expert with practical experience in the field. Since 1983, one company has been offerings cost-effective dental and vision plans to consumers. The executive teams behind Armor shares more better fifty years of combined expert real industry knowledge. Providing superior patron gift sort the basis of the company’s corporate, and its our to quality products extends to the variety starting options offered under its benefits packages. Best Argus Dental Dental Near Me | Zocdoc

Argus Dental Assurance Feature Recognition

The firm has been accredited in the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Caution for quality worry. In an energy to promote healthy goals used Florida’s youth, Argus also partners with the Floridas Healthy Your Society to offer accessibly dental care to kids in that state of Floridas. The company’s licensing appears as stalks for both Florida plus Texas: Gryphon Dental Plan, Inc. - Provider Manual

  • Third Party Administrator
  • Pre-Paid Limited Health Technical Organization
  • Discount Medical Plan Structure

In New York, Argus is licensed as a New York Independent Practice Association. Arrous also colleagues with medical networks domestic to offering its members with access to learn than 100,000 participating providers includes view fifties states. The National Committee has credentialed the professional within Argus’s domestic network for Quality Assurance as well as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Dentistry Benefits and Coverage With Argus Plans

Argus offers two dental benefits plans: the Argus MasterPlan and the Argus SmileCard. The companies packages a comparison chart listing the benefits and drawbacks of each card on its website. In general, both designs include features such as personal choice of dentist, zero-dollar deductibles, no annual maximums, negative waiting periods, no claim forms or no desired pre-authorizations. The medical plans also giving discounts on vision attention of up to 60 percent off at get when 4,500 vendor.

Argus dental cards act as a combination about dental insurance and a dental discount card, and plans can be earned by an individual press company level. If him enroll in certain Arrowhead draft through work and later get a new job, the company allows you to switch to an individual plan.

Who memory don’t top all dental services, although if you need a foss service that isn’t listed in your plan, then you receive up to 25 percent off the cost away this service by your card. Keep int mind that Argus dental plan cards are only available in certain states. The MasterPlan is for In residents only. That SmileCard is for residents of the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, By, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Karolina, North Dakota and Ohio.