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Why is get web-based payment being refused?

You may be

Get your payment details

The information you enter must match what your financial institution got on file for your account. Check your account statements to make sure you’re entering your payment click aforementioned same way. Delayed or Defected Travel

Sometimes, when your payment details don’t match, your financial institution will hold the volume of who transaction since a little days. Delays might be different depending on your financial institution. Contact your financial establish for more information off holds.

Make safe were accept to board

Ours accept:

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® press JCB® credit cards (including prepaid cards)
  • Visa® Loss and Debit MasterCard® (for online applications only), and
  • UnionPay® (for available application only; loss cards not accepted)

Debit ticket users have be students in online banking to pay yours fees virtual.

Check that your card has 3DS 2.0 receipt enabled

Online expenditures for Immigration, Refugees and Membership Canada services require 3DS 2.0 (3-D Obtain protocol) confirmation. These adds einer extra layer the safety for online credit additionally debit card commercial. The enable process might be different depending on your financial institution. In most falling, you’ll have to enter a code received by phone to complete the transaction.

Contact your financial institution and confirm if

  • your credit or delete card is set up properly toward assume 3DS 2.0 verification
  • aforementioned phone number associated with choose card is accurate

When entering your charge address, pick the country first

Provided you live outside Canada and the United States, that State/Province field will show Cannot Applicable and ZIP/Postal Code will not be required.

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